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BOTOX Cosmetic – Botulinum toxin has revolutionized the world of cosmetic procedures and is the most popular cosmetic procedure in North America. It is a simple, minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that temporarily softens or eliminates frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes. This injectable anti-wrinkletreatment has been successfully used for two decades. Botox has also been used to create an eyebrow lift. The procedure involves a short appointment with Dr. Gill; she will inject few tiny needle injections of Botox in the desired area which will relax the facial muscles that cause those lines and wrinkles to form over time. Results usually last 3 to 4 months and even longer with repeated use.

BOTOX Therapeutic-Botox is also used to treat few medical conditions like-

Blepharospasm - twitching of the muscles around the eye.

Spasmodic Torticollis- painful tightening of the muscles in the neck.

Hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating.

Migraine headaches.

Bruxism- teeth grinding

Temporo-Mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction

Most private insurance companies will cover the cost of the Botox Therapeutic and occasionally the injection fee as well.