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Langley Antiaging Treatment Centre is directed by Dr. Prabhjot Gill, family physician with special interest in aesthetic medicine and a certified injector of Botox® cosmetic for anti-wrinkle treatment, Dermal fillers like juvederm® for facial rejuvenation, Nonsurgical face lifts, Latisse® for eyelash enhancement and Belkyra (TM) for double chin. Is a physician directed treatment Centre for those people who want a younger look but not willing to get an invasive/surgical procedure.

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Dr. Gill is the founder and medical director of Langley Antiaging Treatment Centre. Dr. Gill is a family physician with special interest in aesthetic medicine. She graduated from St. John Hospital and Medical Centre, Michigan, in 2007. She served as Chief Resident in her last year of residency when she started developing interest in aesthetic medicine. She has been practicing medicine in B.C. since 2008. Dr. Gill is a certificant of College of Family Physicians of Canada. She is registered with the College of Physician and Surgeons of B.C. in good standing. She received the prestigious award of Fellowship of the College of Family Physicians of Canada in November, 2018. She has been educating herself about different cosmetic procedures for anti- aging since 2008 and is a certified injector for Botox ®, Juvederm ® and Belkyra ®. Her primary target is to provide you with a positive experience in your endeavour to age gracefully. All treatments in our anti-aging centre are done by Dr. Gill after a comprehensive consult. The area to be injected is usually treated with topical anaesthetics and ice for patient comfort.

Appointments can be made by emailing at langleyantiaging@gmail.com, calling at 778-866-3030 or putting a request on this website.

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Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. And youth, throughout the ages, has been considered the epitome of beauty. The strive to look young dates back to age of Cleopatra where she took daily baths in donkey milk.

Long Lasting and Amazing Results

The discovery of Botulinum toxin has revolutionized the world of cosmetic procedures. The medical use of botulinum toxin dates back to 1950’s but in 2002 it was approved for treatment of frown lines.

Anti-Aging Services

At Langley Antiaging Treatment Centre we specialize in providing safe, noninvasive treatments with minimal downtime to make you feel youthful and rejuvenated all year round.

Botox Cosmetic

Botox® for wrinkles

Botulinum toxin has revolutionized the world of cosmetic procedures and is the most popular cosmetic procedure in North America. It is a simple, minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that temporarily softens or eliminates frown lines.

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Latisse® for eyelashes

LATISSE® is the only FDA approved treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, darker. It is a once-a-day treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes.

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Botox® For Hyperhidrosis

Most sufferers feel that hyperhidrosis impairs their confidence, and feel that the condition has impacted their ability to develop relationships.

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Botox® For Migraine

BOTOX® is the first and only FDA-approved and Health Canada preventive treatment for Chronic Migraine. Unlike acute treatments.

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